J.K. DOWDELL Consulting, LLC

Our Mission

We turn your numbers into a story that inspires action.

We weave a compelling narrative from financial analysis and help clients understand not only the numbers, but how to use them.

Our Practice

We do more than just "ninja” the numbers, we make them speak to your audience.

When you need to make a business case that persuades using astute assumptions and reasoning or testimony along with modeling savvy, we're here to help.

We understand financials in both a quantitative and qualitative sense. 

We bring the communications expertise to turn financial projections and business data into a narrative that sells your story.

We back up your story with powerful data visualizations that prove your business case and bring your vision to life. 

Our Expertise

Regulatory Consulting — Clear and convincing testimony evidence, data visualizations, graphical exhibits, and work papers.

Financial Analysis — Solid decision support for complex business, financial, and tax considerations.

Financial Communications — Impactful messaging materials, visual data, and data analytics for investors, funders, regulators, and other target audiences

What Inspires Us?

Your Success.

We are a partner in reaching your business goals.